Nomadic breathing coach
in cardiac coherence

Discover the Power of Cardiac Coherence with ZENSPIRE

There is now a completely natural alternative and method for regaining sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, improving concentration and emotional balance, and strengthening overall resilience against daily pressures.

ZENSPIRE is based on recent research and the recognized benefits of cardiac coherence*, music therapy, and chromatherapy.

ZENSPIRE emits no electromagnetic waves and does not use Wi-Fi connection.

ZENSPIRE combines a soundtrack specially designed to promote falling asleep with the fluctuations of a red-orange light and a gentle vibration.

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Discover the easiest method to tame stress, reduce anxiety, and regain sleep without being connected!

  • Are you stressed?
  • Do you have sleep problems?
  • Does your heart race at the slightest emotion?
  • Are you nervous?
  • Do you want to strengthen your immune system?
  • With ZENSPIRE, your breathing coach, practicing heart coherence becomes child's play. Discover this simple breathing practice, ideal for combating stress and regaining sleep. The benefits are felt from the first minutes.

The Zenspire

The nomadic coach for breathing and cardiac coherence

The ZENSPIRE is a device that uses light, sound, and vibration to guide your breathing and bring you to a state of cardiac coherence. This process not only helps to improve the quality of sleep but also acts as a powerful stress regulator and helps to find lasting serenity in everyday life.

With ZENSPIRE, your breathing coach, the practice of cardiac coherence becomes child's play. Discover this simple breathing practice, ideal for fighting stress and regaining sleep.

This program is designed for relaxation. Duration: 5 minutes.

Focused on aiding sleep. Duration: 10 minutes.

Specially adapted for children and beginners. Duration: 3 minutes


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