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Are you a professional (general practitioner, specialist doctor, nutritionist, nutritional therapist, naturopath, therapist, physiotherapist, osteopath, nurse, gym, fitness center, etc.) interested in recommending AGS dietary supplements, Zenspire, or the Tina Russillo Aromatherapy range ?

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Why choose our brands ?

Because you want to offer your clients quality products to enhance the image of your profession/business while ensuring their satisfaction.

AGS primarily offers comprehensive 360° support. With a range of dietary supplements, heart coherence tools, a complete aromatherapy selection, and its training programs, AGS provides holistic support to optimize the four functional batteries.

  • AGS innovates and specializes in the synergy of dietary supplements through its packs, making the choice of consumption simple and effective. In short, AGS is the quintessential brand of 100% natural dietary supplements that you should offer in your establishment!
  • ZENSPIRE leverages the outcomes of recent scientific research and the acknowledged advantages of heart coherence, music therapy, and color therapy. It acts as a mobile coach for breathing and heart coherence.
  • The essential oils used in the synergies meet strict quality criteria. They are chemotyped, 100% pure, and 100% natural (HECT).

Becoming an AGS partner also means rising to the rank of a 3.0, eco-responsible and human-oriented company. Indeed, each order contributes to the planting of a so-called "intelligent" tree, which which reduces our carbon footprint by 22 kg of CO2 per tree per year.

  • # a long term partnership
  • # be an actor in reforestation
  • # of privileges
  • # trust and a guarantee of quality

What are your benefits?

  • To offer natural and organic products, of quality and high efficiency
  • Offer your clients excellent value for money
  • Enhance and diversify your offer
  • Competitive professional rates
  • Have personalized support to distribute the products

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