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You are a professional (general practitioner, medical specialist, nutritionist, nutritherapist, naturopath, therapist, physiotherapist, osteopath, nurse, gym, fitness center, etc.) and you wish to recommend AGS food supplements ?

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AGS products are already successful with many professionals who have decided to offer their customers quality supplements.

Why choose our brand?

Because you want to offer your customers quality products in order to enhance the image of your profession/company while ensuring the satisfaction of your customers. AGS innovates and specializes in the synergy of food supplements thanks to to its packs, making the choice of consumption simple and effective. In short, AGS is the brand of 100% natural food supplements par excellence that you must offer in your establishment!

Becoming an AGS partner also means rising to the rank of a 3.0, eco-responsible and human-oriented company. Indeed, each order contributes to the planting of a so-called "intelligent" tree, which which reduces our carbon footprint by 22 kg of CO2 per tree per year.

  • # a long term partnership
  • # be an actor in reforestation
  • # of privileges
  • # trust and a guarantee of quality

What are your benefits?

  • To offer natural and organic products, of quality and high efficiency
  • Provide your customers with supplements with an excellent quality/price ratio
  • Enhance and diversify your offer
  • Competitive professional rates
  • Have personalized support to distribute the products

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