AGS Partnership

Are you passionate about nutrition and well-being and do you have a real sensitivity for nature?
Join our community of professionals!

We collaborate with motivated people, who like us want to raise awareness and support as many people as possible towards simple behaviors to adopt to improve their health on a daily basis, in order to evolve towards a quality optimal life for all and also to take powerful ecological actions for the health of our planet.

To do this, we offer 3 types of partnerships:

Become a Micro-franchisee

This first type of partnership comes in 3 ways of collaboration that allow you to evolve within a defined career framework with tailor-made professional support.

Become an Advisor / Prescriber

This type of partnership is based on the principle of recommending our products. Whether you are a healthcare professional, a liberal profession or in the form of an institution, take advantage of a range of specific products for your patients/customers .

Discover the benefits of each type of partnership by clicking on the path that interests you.

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