Magnesium Chloride - Nigari Salt

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Magnesium Chloride - Nigari Salt

22.63 USD

Real 100% natural disinfectant for the digestive sphere!

Box contains 60 capsules

Magnesium Chloride - Nigari Salt

22.63 USD

Real 100% natural disinfectant for the digestive sphere!


Magnesium chloride, known by the chemical formula MgCl2, is a type of salt used as a nutritional supplement. It is found naturally in seawater. Magnesium chloride is a very special mineral form of magnesium. In addition to the known classic benefits of magnesium and which are also obtained thanks to organic sources of magnesium (gluconate, bisglycinate, malate, etc.), magnesium chloride allows singular applications which are not delivered by other organic forms. Indeed, its reduced bioavailability allows an accumulation at the intestinal level and therefore, a better intestinal emptying and a significant antimicrobial effect. In other words, a real 100% natural disinfectant for the digestive sphere! What are the benefits of MgCl2 - Nigari Salt? Improves intestinal transit and gut health Magnesium chloride salts are natural stimulants of intestinal transit. They allow, among other things, to eliminate toxic waste contained in the intestine thanks to the detoxifying properties of chlorine and magnesium on the intestine. Indeed, the accumulation of these two elements in the intestine, due to their reduced bioavailability, produces a wave of intestinal emptying allowing a deep cleansing. Eliminates pathogenic microorganisms from the intestine An unbalanced intestinal flora is the source of several health problems in the intestines but also in other organs of the body. Indeed, dysbiosis is a very common cause of several inflammatory, degenerative and autoimmune pathologies. Through its very powerful antimicrobial effect, chlorine helps rid the intestine of excess bacteria, yeasts, fungi and pathogenic viruses, thus allowing saprophytic microorganisms to proliferate more easily and rebalance the intestinal flora. Chlorine inhibits the Krebs cycle of pathogenic microorganisms, depriving them of the energy necessary for their development and replication. Deep bowel cleansing The intestine is a communication interface between the external environment and the body. This is the reason why, it is subject to an accumulation of toxins and various and varied metabolic wastes emanating from the digestion of food, their metabolization by the intestinal microbiota and toxic metabolites due to inflammation and degradation. of the intestinal wall. Magnesium Chloride deep cleanses the gut of all toxic molecules by stimulating intestinal motility and creating a wave of elimination in the gut. Regulates the intestinal acid-base balance The acid-base water balance in the body is regulated by minerals (especially chlorine, sodium and potassium). Chlorine and magnesium help rebalance the water-acid-base balance in the large intestine. The latter is the place of absorption of minerals and trace elements. However, a fluid imbalance in the colon negatively influences the absorption of minerals and disrupts the reabsorption of water which makes the stool either too soft or even liquid in the case of acidification of the colon, or too solid in the case of alkalinization. Magnesium chloride provides sufficient acidifying (chlorine) and basifying (magnesium) components to the colon, which allows more effective regulation of the intestinal acid-base balance. MgCl2 - Nigari Salt is Clean Label & Vegan. It is composed only of concentrated 100% natural ingredients and is free from any unnecessary and harmful excipients.


Origin: Europe - Resistant intestinal dysbiosis - Facilitates intestinal evacuation (emptying) - constipation - Candidiasis - Biliary detox - Supports immunity and fights infections

Recommended dosage

2 to 6 capsules per day to be taken between meals.


Guaranteed without

Precautions for use

Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


Store in a dry place.


Composition for 2 capsules / for 6 capsules: Magnesium chloride 1000 mg / 3000 mg of which elemental magnesium 119.5 mg 31.8% VNR / 359 mg 95% VNR



Magnesium chloride hexahydrate, capsule (DRcaps ™): gastro-resistant hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) from vegetable origin.

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