Artério Vita

Artério Vita

Extra virgin olive oil, with a titration of Hydroxytyrosol 20x higher than a classic olive oil.

Arterio Vita is an extra virgin olive oil of organic production of Cretan origin. It is naturally rich in polyphenols from olive trees growing inland on arid mountainous terrain with extreme weather conditions. The fruit yield is, therefore, low (20x less olives) however, the olives are exceptionally rich in phenolic compounds with a titration of hydroxytyrosol 20x higher than a conventional olive oil! The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved in 2011 the statement that "the phenolic compounds in olive oil help protect blood lipids from oxidative damage." However, in order to use this statement, EFSA has determined that olive oil must contain at least 5 mg of hydroxytyrosol per 20 grams of olive oil. Arterio Vita has 10.4 grams for 20 grams of olive oil. What is hydroxytyrosol? This is a phenolic compound with incredible antioxidant properties! One of the most effective antioxidants found naturally in olive leaves and olive oil. On the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) scale, a measure of antioxidant capacity, hydroxytyrosol outperforms all other known antioxidant compounds in its free radical fighting power. It displays an astonishing ORAC value of 68,576, which is 15 times higher than the ORAC value of green tea and 3 times higher than that of CoQ10. Hydroxytyrosol is a powerful natural antioxidant because it is able to donate electrons to free radicals which are depleted of them, thus reducing their reactivity and preventing them from damaging DNA, lipids and proteins. In addition, hydroxytyrosol promotes the expression of endogenous antioxidant enzymes, thereby strengthening the body's own defense systems against oxidative stress. In addition to its exceptional antioxidant capacity, hydroxytyrosol is also highly bioavailable compared to other antioxidant compounds. It is both fat-soluble and water-soluble, is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and tissues, and crosses the blood-brain barrier; this means that it can access a wide variety of tissues to perform its antioxidant functions. Inspired by the Cretan Mediterranean diet, hydroxytyrosol is a dietary supplement that can easily be added to your everyday diet. It is absolutely not toxic. Indeed, published study reports show that there are no side effects or toxicity per intake of 50mg / kg. Which represents 3.150 kg for an average weight of 63 kg ... that is to say! In other words, this is a gold mine for health! The ESE Group laboratory presents ARTERIO VITAL, an overpowering antioxidant with outstanding characteristics: • An olive oil naturally rich in highly antioxidant phenolic compounds • Anti-inflammatory • Antimicrobial • Neuroprotective and immunomodulatory • Hypertensive: the regular absorption of these compounds through the consumption of olive oil could be the cause of the low incidence. of cardiovascular diseases in the Mediterranean area. • Anti-aging: most polyphenols mimic the anti-aging pathways (AMPK, IGF1 (insulin growth factor), sirtuins ...) activated by fasting, sports, exposure to cold ... Each polyphenol has a preferential action on one of these pathways. Hydroxytyrosol has particularity of acting on several anti-aging routes! • A titration of hydroxytyrosol 20 times higher than that of conventional olive oils • Categorizes hands down among the oils protecting the lipid compounds contained in the blood against oxidative stress • Along with polyphenols, there are vitamins K and E, both essential for the proper functioning of the body. • Oil quality ensured by a mechanical extraction method, which avoids any alteration in the composition of the product • A traditional Cretan culture that respects nature handed down for more than 4 generations For optimum quality, the Arterio Vita container is made of brown colored glass to protect the oil from light (exposure to light causes a substantial loss of antioxidants, in particular tocopherols, and oxidation of fatty acids to butyric acid and peroxide radicals) and avoid any trace of plastic in the product.

Recommended dosage

One teaspoon (5g) per day or as advised by a healthcare practitioner



Guaranteed without

• Gluten • Yeast • Lactose • Soy • Sugar • Preservatives • Synthetic flavors, fragrances and colorings

Precautions for use

Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


After opening, keep cool.


Olive oil including: Oleocanthal 3.54 mg Oleocein 2.52 mg Ligstroside aglycon (monoaldehyde form) 1.23 mg Oleuropein aglycon (monoaldehyde form) 1.95 mg Ligstroside aglycon (dialdehyde form) 5.19 mg Oleuropein aglycon (dialdehyde form) 3.75 mg Tyrosol (and derivatives) 9.96 mg Hydroxytyrosol (and derivatives) 8.21 mg Total Tyrosol Derivatives 9.96 mg Total hydroxytyrosol derivative 8.21 mg Total polyphenols analyzed 18.17 mg




Organic quality first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, extracted from wild olives of the Tsounati variety, of Cretan origin from the region of Chania

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