Organic Choco Breakfast Pack

Organic Choco Breakfast Pack

The chocolate breakfast pack has been designed to give people who have trouble eating breakfast, who don't have time to eat breakfast, all the nutrients they need to get a good start to their day. It is also a great alternative for children to replace all the other spreads or jams that create a real disaster in their bodies. A sugary breakfast causes inflammation for 17 hours and in the long run this kind of breakfast creates low grade inflammation, which leads to porosity in the intestine. This is a disaster as a porous gut releases toxins into the bloodstream and triggers diseases of all kinds. The combination of organic hazelnuts, organic dark chocolate, organic cocoa powder, olive oil (and or Arterio vita), Xylitol is a real delight and a boon for your body. With these ingredients we provide all the proteins, polyphenols, antioxidants and good fats so that your body receives the nutrients it needs to be optimal physically and mentally in the morning. Xylitol is a birch sugar that has a glycemic index of 7 compared to traditional sugar such as sucrose which has a glycemic index of 100! Arterio vita is the only olive oil known to be a therapeutic treatment for arterial and cardiovascular problems, it also plays a role in managing cholesterol and oxidative stress. This pack is more than a recipe for a spread, it's a gift to your body for a top day.

Recommended dosage


Guaranteed without

Precautions for use

Avoid excess which could lead to diarrhoea To be consumed within 10 days to 3 weeks


in the fridge


Organic white hazelnuts: 125gr Chocolate callet: 75gr Cocoa powder 10%-12%: 10gr



Organic white hazelnuts: 125gr Chocolate callet: 75gr Cocoa powder 10%-12%: 10gr

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