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Frédéric Fontana,
Founder and CEO of AGS

A career for professionals

The AGS remuneration system differs from other network marketers in that the delegate's income will depend more on the efficient management of his portfolio than on the acquisition of new clients.

The healthcare sector is a sector that requires solid knowledge in physiology and anatomy. It is therefore fundamental to have people in the field who are extremely well trained in the subject.

Activate your desire to redirect your career by choosing a job that makes sense!

The AGS partnership offers 4 ways of collaboration:

The first is oriented towards advice and support by becoming a nutritherapist certified by the European Academy of Nutrition. This path is an opportunity towards a real profession.

The second offers prospects for managerial development such as managing a team of delegates specialised in food supplements. This path will require you to develop coaching and management skills, with the possibility of opening, in collaboration with the parent company, an AGS center.

The third path is oriented towards specializing in sales with a profile, called "Direct Sales". The objective of this path is to create partnerships with institutions of health, well-being, sport, ...

The fourth and last way concerns institutions and distributors of AGS supplements.

Four "win-win" ways, in a positive working atmosphere, where the human element is an essential.

Support for delegated candidates.

The quality of AGS's professional support is essential in order to provide the best possible advice to our clients. Each delegate is carefully selected and continuously trained until he or she obtains certification as a Nutrition Consultant or Nutritherapist, which guarantees a high level of competence, irreproachable service and optimal advice.

How do I become an AGS delegate?

The first step in becoming an AGS delegate is to complete the profiling test, which can be found on our website. Next, the future delegate must be supervised by one of our consultants. It is not possible to have access to the network without going through this step, which guarantees the quality of the training.

The European Academy of Nutrition is the only school recognised by AGS to train staff. Thanks to this partnership, our delegates and consultants receive in-depth training that leads to a real job and recognised certification.

The competence of the staff trained in this way is a fundamental element in AGS's growth.


We are subject to rgpd rules and aim to respect them through this test.

We are committed to treating your information with the utmost discretion.

The advantages and opportunities of being a nutritherapist at AGS

  • A training course certified by the European Academy of Nutrition
  • Continued education with renowned doctors, scientists and nutritionists.
  • Work in and under supervision of an international structure.
  • A client base supplied by AGS.
  • Access and work with "Top of the range" products
  • Team-work with the team consultants and delegates.
  • Enjoy a working - space in an AGS centre.
  • Collaboration with physiotherapists, osteopaths, hypnotherapists.
  • Being part of the nutritherapists’ network in our specialised application.
  • Access to new health technologies.
  • Innovative tool.

Network perspectives

  • Obtain an education certificate accredited in Europe
  • Secure a regular income
  • Meaningful work based on human and ecological values.
  • Benefit from training in nutratherapy, anatomy, biology but also in new technologies and techniques for sales and personal development (prospecting, coaching, recruitment, network development, management, communication, management, motivation, leadership, strategy...)
  • Trips, seminars, conferences.
  • Participate in the development of an AGS centre.
  • Grow as an nutrition consultant and benefit from a management structure.
  • Participate in humanitarian activities related to well-being.
  • Become competent in nutrition education and information.
  • Contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint.
  • Work organisation, common sense, passion, strength of the group.
  • Courteous client assistance.
  • Remuneration that values personal investment in building our network.


We are subject to rgpd rules and aim to respect them through this test.

We are committed to treating your information with the utmost discretion.

Our training school

The European Academy of Nutrition, is a brand new entity of the European coaching academy which with its status and competence, allows us to offer you an education certification recognised in Europe.

Given the quality of the lecturers, the total cost of the training program (1.300€) is particularly attractive.

All the trainers are professionals (medical pharmacist, biochemist) qualified and experienced in their field. Our delegates benefit from quality training that is regularly updated with the latest findings and practices in the field.

AGS advisers must be accurate and efficient with the information they provide to clients.

Something magical about training and education is - once you learn something, no one can take it away from you anymore.

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